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The past year has been a time for indoor love, reconnecting with nature and feeling closer to home. For the same, it was essential to base the collection around what makes people feel comfortable, homely and cherishing nature.

Dhara- synonymous with the very earth itself, aptly denotes the earthy, grounded characteristic of the collection. Comfort meets elegance in this loungewear collection based around the concept of “being close to home”. The loungewear collection “धरा” comprises versatile cotton clothing which can be worn as easily for a typical day at home as for running quick errands. Drawing upon the trends of regenerated minimalism and appreciation for nature, the collection features relaxed, expressive silhouettes based around an earthy colour palette. Furthermore, the details add a contemporary touch to casual staples. 

The foundations of the collection began with the sourcing of waste fabrics and sorting them according to their colour and fibre content. The colour palette was inspired by the panchatatva (5 elements) of prithvi (earth), aakash (sky), vayu (air), jal (water) and agni (fire). The garments themselves are named after the same, with each representing a particular colour or element, namely-

Surkh, denoting red
Maati, denoting beige sands
Kora, denoting blank pages of old books
Kalam, denoting the craft of kalamkari
Shubhra, denoting bright white
Neel, denoting the indigo plant and colour
Matasi, denoting the red soil of Chhattisgarh
Neel-harit, denoting the colours of blue and green
Raakh, denoting the grey colour of ash
Kaalikh, denoting the black soot of kajal

When it came to designing the silhouettes, “easy and comfortable” was the paradigm. Relaxed, adaptive and versatile silhouettes were blended easily with soft, natural fabrics to create unique and exclusive styles. The collection was designed to be resourceful, durable and comfortable, and at the same time casual and contemporary. The garments are all size inclusive, lending the opportunity to people to adjust their fit according to their style body type. 

Being at home for a long time has paved the way for a new direction when it comes to personal style and clothing. Through our collection, we want our customers to enjoy dressing up, whether it is for quick work from home meetings or an all-day binge. 

Written by

Parul Sharma
Content writer
Two Eight

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