What is TwoEight

Conceived during the first lockdown, Two Eight is the namesake of the founder’s date of birth and resonates with her rebellious nature. Merging sustainability with style, Two Eight utilizes pre-consumer textile waste to create inclusive, one-of-a-kind garments. Rooted in slow fashion, the brand offers a “one size fits all” blueprint where the garments are exclusively curated and can be effortlessly customized, eliminating the obligation for mass-produced pieces. The green packaging comprising handmade recycled paper and leftover textiles further reiterates the “keeping it in the loop” quotient. At its core, Two Eight is all about self-expression, inclusivity, timelessness and the transition towards a more sustainable future.

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How are we sustainable ?

The garments as well as packaging are made with pre-consumer textile waste, often referred to as “deadstock” by the fashion industry. In doing so, we hope to lift the burden of fabric waste on the planet.

Our garments are unique, exclusive and one of a kind and are hence, not mass produced. This helps reduce the amount of fabric consumed and, in turn, the amount of fabric wasted.

We make our garments and patterns in a way that involves minimal wastage. We hope to further expand on this concept and utilize the smallest of fabric scraps into making a new product, thus making “zero waste generation” our goal

We follow a “one size fits all” framework wherein our designs are a great fit for anyone. This also leads to lesser garment production in different sizes and eliminates issues regarding size fit.


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