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Just as the festival of Diwali signifies arrival of joy after a period of peril, our collection “Jashn” signifies the forthcoming jubilation after these trying times of the pandemic. “Jashn” is our way of celebrating the good times which have come after an arduous bout of lockdowns, travel bans and uncertainty. 

The collection revolves around a joyous, festive mood and the names of the garments are based on flowers, which are a symbol of joy and celebration. They are-

Gulbahar– The colour of daisies signifies the beige and yellow top. 
Rugmini– The colour of ixora signifies the maroon and beige top.
Gulab– The colour of roses signifies the deep pink gathered dress.
Mogra– The colour and clusters of jasmine signifies the beige brocade kurta.
Gulmohar– The bright colour of the flame tree signifies the red pants.
Genda phool– The combination of mustard and green in marigolds signifies the ghagra set.
Neel kamal– The colour and motifs of blue water lilies signify the ajrak kurta.
Chafa– The colour and delicacy of plumeria signifies the chanderi brocade kurta.
Shevanti– The colour and outline of chrysanthemums signify the foil printed tunic.
Magai– The outline and motif of betel vines signify the black and white skirt.
Amaltaas- The colour and outline of the golden shower tree signifies the mustard kurta
Saigun- The colour and texture of the teak wood signifies the brown kurta
Gokarna- The blue colour of butterfly pea signifies the persian blue kurta
Parijat- The colour of the night jasmine signifies the mustard printed kurta
Devdaar- The colour and outline of the tree signifies the black kurta
Neel mohar- The colour of the tree signifies the blue kurta

Like every Two Eight collection, the process commenced with sourcing of waste fabrics fit for festive/ ethnic wear garments. Brocades, cottons and silk blends were the primary choices, with the incorporation of modern fabrics like khadi and jute silk. The colour palette mainly focuses on elegant shades of beige, maroon, magenta, blue, mustard and deep pink. The silhouettes are modish, classic and sophisticated with an added contemporary touch. The collection includes designs for womenswear as well as menswear- in fact, Jashn marks Two Eight’s first venture into the menswear segment. 

Through this collection, we wish to give our customers a chance to add their own personal spin on the garments. All designs are easily customizable and can be styled effortlessly, with a variety of fabric and colour options to choose from. True to the Two Eight’s essence, every garment is unique and one of a kind. 

This festive season, it is finally time to rejoice and look forward to the good times to come. This festive season, we hope that you find garments that celebrate you with Jashn- the collection.

Written by

Parul Sharma
Content writer
Two Eight

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