Life is for Living

Winter’ 21

The world seems to have found a new spark for living with the release and reopening of the communities around us- and Two Eight channels this spark into its winter collection- ‘Life is for Living’.
This year’s winter collection is inspired by the phrase- ‘Life is for Living’, which revolves around finding happiness in the simple pleasures of life- a hot cup of coffee or an outing surrounded by nature.

The core seasonal trends this winter include comfort, vintage and elevated casual staples, all of which have been brought into play in the collection encompassing tops, shirts, dresses, bottoms and the new and in “shacket”- the shirt-jacket for both menswear and womenswear. Joy, hope and the great outdoors signify the mood of the collection, whereas loose, comfortable and versatile represent the silhouettes and style. The fabrics are natural-based and include cotton and cotton blends, linen and corduroy, along with varied surface ornamentations like embroidery, cutwork, prints and woven motifs. The palette revolves around colours found in and inspired by nature, comprising shades of beige, blue, green, yellow and white. Staying true to the Two Eight characteristic, all garments are made from pre-consumer waste fabric sourced from local shops, making each creation unique and one of its kind.

Each garment is defined by a unique name which signifies its character-

Daisy– White cutwork top; named after the flower which resembles the colour and cutwork motifs of the top
Crystal– Pink top; named after the blush pink peeking through quartz crystals
Sea– Turquoise blue short dress; named after the colour of the sea
Peace– White embroidered top; named after the universal significance of the colour white Violet- Violet dress, named after the colour as well as the flower
Maple– Red and beige block printed top; named after the maple tree with its red leaves and golden sap
Hope– Floral printed top, named after the resilience of flowers to grow amidst cracks of stone Ray- Grey and yellow striped top; named after the sun rays emerging from amongst dark clouds
Emerald– A-line skirt; named after the gem which resembles the colour of the skirt Sandalwood- Beige pants; named after the ochre colour and texture of sandalwood
Slate– Grey pants; named after the strong, fine grained rock
Quill– Beige printed shirt; named after the feather-print on the fabric
Harmony– Black and grey ikkat shirt; named after the harmonious arrangement of the two fabrics in the shirt
Moss– Green shirt; named after the lush green of moss
Cobalt– Cobalt shirt; named after the mineral which resembles the colour of the shirt Lavender- Lavender shirt; named after the colour of the flower
Periwinkle– Blue and purple printed shirt; named after the flowering plant
Diamond– Yellow and black shirt; named after the diamond shaped motifs on the black fabric Horizon- Ochre shirt; named after the colours of sunrise on the horizon
Twilight– Grey corduroy shacket; named after the colour of of the sky at night

This winter, we hope to find joy and a new reawakening with our collection. With the world opening up slowly but surely, here’s to looking forward to the new year with hope and a renewed vigour.

Written by

Parul Sharma
Content writer
Two Eight

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