Spring - Summer’22

Time and time again, clothing has served as a medium of self-expression, providing a creative outlet for the modest and elaborate alike. This expression speaks without words and conveys an identity purely through clothes – with the contours, colors and forms serving as an outlet for people to bring to light the often hidden and contrasting traits in their unique personalities. This contrast between a hidden trait and an individual’s public persona is explored in Two Eight’s collection for Spring Summer 2022. 

In the core concept of personification through clothing, the collection focuses on individuals subliminally expressing their traits and qualities, which often turns out to be a direct contrast to their public persona. The way this characteristic has been moulded into the collection is through the use of contrasts- be it through trims, finishes, patterns or prints, providing a seamless contrast between contemporary and retro. Menswear shirts heavily feature a contrast yoke and buttons, whereas tops and dresses feature a contrast accent or print. The palette hinges on the color trend forecast for spring-summer 2022, with whites, pinks and yellows punctuated with the use of red and blue, whereas the crafts of bandhani, batik and chikankari provide a subtle contrast to the otherwise staple pattern of stripes and checks. The garments evoke the feel of a casual summer in the form of loose silhouettes, sleeveless designs, deep necks and the addition of ruffles, pleats and gathers. Lightweight cottons and linens comprise the range of menswear and womenswear garments including, but not limited to shirts, dresses, crop tops and pants.

All garments have been named according to their visual appearance and character, signified by terms that demonstrate contrasts and emotions in the form of colours, patterns or prints – 

Intersection – Named after the intersecting lines in the dolman sleeve top; featuring a contrast hem. 

Polar – Named after the sharp contrast between the yellow and white top; featuring contrast sleeves. 

Unity – Named after the coherence of the striped yellow top; featuring a contrast back yoke. 

Variable – Named after the varying and random nature of print on the sleeveless top; featuring a contrast pink colour in the print. 

Ordered chaos – Named after the ordered arrangement of the otherwise contrasting patches of linen, cotton and chikankari in the white sleeveless dress; featuring contrast prints. 

Serene – Named after the colour and soft silhouette of the white tea dress. 

Spirit – Named after the vivacious colour and print of the pink bandhani dress. 

Reflection – Named after the symmetry in the pattern of the yellow floral print dress; featuring a contrast piping detail in the front. 

Entropy – Named after the random nature of the batik print in the dress; featuring contrast buttons. 

Contrast – Named after the stark contrast of blue and yellow in the dress; featuring contrast placket, buttons and trims.  

Balance – Named after the balance between the print and the hem in the green printed dress; featuring a contrast hem.

Colour block – Named after the pattern in the yellow and batik printed dress; featuring a contrast print.

Lucid – Named after the bright colour of the pink straight-fit pants.

Duality – Named after the two different types of white fabric used in the white shirt; featuring a contrast print.

Paradox – Named after the combination of otherwise different fabrics in the pink bandhani shirt; featuring a contrast yoke, buttons and patches at front.

Co-exist – Named after the ease of co-existence between the beige printed fabric and bandhani buttons in the shirt; featuring a contrast inner yoke and buttons.

Tranquil – Named after the soothing colours of sky blue and white in the shirt; featuring a contrast yoke and buttons.

Distortion – Named after the effect produced by the patchwork between the plain mustard yellow and the batik print in the shirt; featuring a contrast print.

Parallel – Named after the parallel nature of the batik print; featuring a contrast collar, placket and buttons.

Modest – Named after the nature of the plain navy blue shirt; featuring contrast buttons.

Through this collection, we wish to give our customers a chance to express themselves through our clothing. Be it bold or subtle, overt or latent, every contrast needs a chance to be celebrated.

Written by

Parul Sharma
Content writer
Two Eight

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